10 Golden Rules Of Healthy Weight Loss

Listen to these suggestions to look slim and fit in summer, get rid of belly fat and lose weight without losing your health.

Sağlıklı zayıflamanın 10 altın kuralı

You can do this to lose weight

When you say bikinis, dresses, skirts and shorts in summer, you may be in a hurry to be in shape. It is the dream of many people with weight problems to look slim and fit, to get rid of the fat around the belly, in the summer months. Losing weight is not a dream for you! Remove obstacles to lose weight healthily. The answer to the question “But how” is in our article.


Beware of dangerous breakfasts!

There is about 11-12 hours between dinner and breakfast. This time increases to 16-17 hours when breakfast is not served. Prolonged fasting causes weight gain as it reduces the metabolic rate. Therefore, make sure to have breakfast within an hour of waking up. Skipping breakfast or choosing high-calorie foods such as pastry and pastry for breakfast is one of the most important reasons for weight gain.


Balance with meals

When we skip or delay our meals, we eat more than we should at the next meal. Thus, we get the excess energy in one meal. However, in order to lose weight, meals must be made regularly and the body’s working speed must be balanced.


Do not leave the table before twenty minutes

When you eat your meals slowly and for longer than 20 minutes, a feeling of fullness will occur, so the underlying cause of the weight problem will not be the consumption of nutrients that the body does not need. To lose weight, chew your meals slowly and for a long time.


Do not eat plate by plate

If you want to lose weight permanently, you need to pay attention to portion control while eating. Therefore, prepare the portions determined for you on your plates. To lose weight, do not bring bread to the table with a bread basket and food with serving plates.


Snack in moderation to lose weight

Don’t overlook your seemingly small snacks in your daily meal plan. Do not eat high-fat snacks such as chocolate, chips, biscuits. To lose weight, pay attention to the portion of healthy snacks such as walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, dried fruits that seem innocent.


Slim with yogurt and kefir

Probiotic foods such as yogurt and kefir have an important place in healthy slimming as well as health. These foods, which help weight loss by regulating the use of energy in the body, are also effective in increasing bowel movements.


Consume fiber foods for healthy weight loss

Food with pulp gives a feeling of satiety and prevents you from getting hungry quickly. Whole wheat and whole rye bread, vegetables and fruits, chickpeas, dry beans, lentils, etc. Legumes such as legumes are among the foods rich in fiber. In order to lose weight, you should reserve a place for fibrous foods on your table.


Don’t get dehydrated

Make sure to consume 2-2.5 liters of water a day to lose weight. Drinking water before and during the meal helps to create a feeling of fullness without taking calories, thus preventing unnecessary calorie intake at that meal. It also helps to be strong-willed against high-calorie foods.


Exercise is essential to lose weight

It is not possible to lose weight in a healthy way with only a change in diet. A successful diet must be supported by regular physical activity. Make half an hour of walking a part of your daily life to lose weight.


Keep your goal clear

The most important step is to be determined and set a goal to lose weight. Do not despair, as all changes require a certain process. Remember that having a balanced, stable and conscious approach while dieting will help you reach your goal.

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