17 Light Recipes Except Salad For Those Who Say I Will Eat Healthy Now

  • Quick breakfast recipe in a jar

Kavanozda Hızlı Kahvaltı Tarifi

Quick Breakfast in a Jar Recipe

Of course, the way to start a healthy diet first passes through breakfast, eggs with plenty of sausage and omelettes are left aside, and they are replaced by flavors that will taste delicious but will not tire the stomach.

  • Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe with Mixed Vegetables

Karışık Sebzeli Mantar Dolması Tarifi

Stuffed Mushrooms with Mixed Vegetables Recipe

This delicious recipe, which can be easily applied by vegetarians and vegans, is a delicious stuffing that owes its protein to mushrooms and its flavor and vitamins to vegetables!

The lightest and most colorful of stuffing: Recipe for stuffed mushrooms with mixed vegetables

  • Chicken with Mushroom Recipe

Mantarlı Tavuk Tarifi

Chicken with Mushroom Recipe

If you are one of those who say “Mushrooms are a good idea, but I can’t get enough without meat”, chicken with mushrooms, one of the indispensable names of diet lists, is for you.

Let’s do it: Chicken recipe with mushrooms

  • Grilled turkey breast recipe

Izgara Hindi Göğüs Tarifi

Izgara Hindi Göğüs Tarifi

“Tavuğu hep yapıyorum, farklı bir öneri alabilir miyim?” derseniz tavuktan bile bol proteinli hindi etini göz ardı etmeyin deriz. Tavuk kadar sık sofralarımıza konuk etmediğiniz, oysa hemen her mutfakta pişmesi gereken lezzetlerden biri o.

Izgarası da çok hafif: Izgara hindi göğüs tarifi

  • Fırında patates pankek tarifi

Fırında Patates Pankek Tarifi

Baked Potato Pancakes Recipe

If one of the most difficult aspects of a healthy diet is not being able to eat french fries for you, for example, you can easily achieve a similar taste by cooking the potato in a lighter way.

Exactly like this: Baked Potato Pancake Recipe

  • Baked Vegetable Arrangement Recipe

Fırında Sebze Dizmesi Tarifi

Baked Vegetable Arrangement Recipe

No more frying and eating vegetables, okay. But no one can stop us from slicing those beautiful vegetables, arranging them side by side, putting them in the oven on a tray and making them look delicious!

A bowl of yoghurt with it: Recipe for arranging vegetables in the oven

  • Leek Rice Recipe

Pırasa Mücveri Tarifi

Leek Mutton Recipe

Almost every dish made with leek is very light and delicious, but this recipe has come to convince even those who are not good with leeks to eat it with pleasure.

Because it is baked in the oven, it is much lighter than the classic hash browns: Leek hash browns recipe

  • Paper sea bass recipe

Kağıtta Levrek Tarifi

Paper Sea Bass Recipe

Many fish recipe which is prepared without frying is very suitable for diet lists, you know. Moreover, they are also the most delicious sources that we can evaluate to get Omega 3.

So what are we waiting for, remove the papers: Perch recipe on paper

  • Eggplant based pizza recipe

Patlıcan Tabanlı Pizza Tarifi

Eggplant Based Pizza Recipe

There’s no trace of that leavened pizza dough here. The eggplant-based pizza recipe is on this name. “Should we not eat pizza because we want to lose weight?” This recipe comes to those who reproach it.

Roast eggplants: Aubergine-based pizza recipe

  • Quinoa Vegetable Meatballs Recipe

Kinoalı Sebze Köftesi

Quinoa Vegetable Meatballs Recipe

There is a healthy meatball recipe with plenty of vegetables, which we prepared with quinoa, which is a high protein source, gluten-free, calcium store, and the healer of many ailments.

Both vegetables and meatballs: Vegetable meatballs recipe with quinoa

  • Orange celery recipe

Portakallı Kereviz Tarifi

Orange Celery Recipe

It’s a fragrant, rich orange dish that will convince even those who don’t like its taste or even let it through the door of their kitchen.

The flavor is in its juice: celery recipe with oranges

  • Jerusalem Fries Recipe

Yer Elması Kızartması Tarifi

Roast Potatoes Recipe

This recipe is for those who want to have a snack in front of the TV, watching a movie or reading a book. We said frying, but don’t be intimidated, this is a very healthy frying. Moreover, you can bake it if you wish.

Should we say chips: Fried yams recipe

  • Mucver Cake Recipe

Mücver Kek Tarifi

Mucver Cake Recipe

We know that there are people who will stop the flowing water when we say Mücver. Now this recipe is coming for you, it’s very, very far from this deep-fried roast with delicious cheeses. Get the yogurt ready.

What you need to fry: Mucver cake recipe

  • Okra recipe

Bamya Tarifi

Okra Recipe

Okra dish is now a flavor that we can eat in summer and winter. We admit it is a bit of a dishonest dish, but you can get great results by paying attention to the tricks we wrote in the recipe.

Can also be made with chicken: Okra recipe

  • Broccoli wrap recipe

Brokoli Wrap Tarifi

Broccoli Wrap Recipe

Let’s take the wrap lovers and those who can’t give up on it like this, please. Now we are breaking a huge taboo together. Those wraps are not only made from meat and minced meat, my friend. Here is the biggest proof.

Boiled broccoli: Broccoli Wrap recipe

  • Cauliflower Roast Recipe

Karnabahar Kısırı Tarifi

Cauliflower Fried Recipe

What a beautiful vegetable cauliflower is, my friend. Its fries are good, the food is good, and the breaded in the oven is very good! But now it’s much different, much more delicious!

Try it like this: Cauliflower brisket recipe

  • Homemade granola bar recipe

Ev Yapımı Granola Bar Tarifi

Homemade Granola Bar Recipe

Eating all the time, how far is it? Sure

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