Top 7 Trending Haircuts of 2022

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Start your personal transformation in the new year, which means change and a new page opening to life! Haircuts come to the rescue when it comes to personal style changes during the pandemic period, when we stay away from hairdressers and refrain from playing with colors freely.

From Hailey Bieber’s heavy coats to Beyonce’s long waves, we are discovering 7 haircuts that will dominate 2022, which we will encounter frequently in the last months of 2021!

Bixie, which takes its name from the combination of “Bob” cut at the chin level and “Pixie”, a short hairstyle with a voluminous upper side, is the newest of the hair trends transferred from the 90s to the present! Although it was not called Bixie at the time, this iconic haircut that we all remember was the favorite of Hollywood’s popular names such as Meg Ryan, Cameron Diaz, Halle Berry.
Towards the end of 2021, Gabrielle Union, Anne Hathaway, Florence Pugh and Rowan Blanchard were fast moving Making a comeback, Bixie is solidifying its place as one of the new year’s favourites.

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Shoulder-Length Shag

Omuz Hizasında Shag

Playing with the hair texture and length with the use of layers, the “shag” haircut is another model we will continue to see in 2022. But this time with a difference: at shoulder level!
You can adapt the shag trend, which increases as the effortless air it already has, gets shorter to shoulder level, by increasing it with the bangs, which is also the choice of Kaia Gerber, and adapt it to your personal style.

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Heavy Floors

Ağır Katlar

Hailey Bieber’s new favorite, dense layered hair, is another hair trend that makes a comeback to 2022, taking its inspiration from Jennifer Aniston’s portrayal of Rachel Green in the Friends series! Hair experts have only one requirement for this haircut, which adapts to all hair, whether thick or sparse: mastery in using a blow dryer and a round brush!

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right in the middle

Tam Ortadan

Although we accept that hair does not have a single good parting aspect and that the best one is for you, we cannot deny that hair parting in the middle has become a beauty trend thanks to TikTok. If you want to change your hair in the new year without cutting it, separating your hair in the middle may be the easiest way to get a completely different look with your existing model!

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Slimmed Bob

İnceltilmiş Bob

Another hair trend coming back from the 90s to 2022 is the haircut, also known as the “Sliced Bob”. Although technically the only difference from the classic “Bob” is the thinning of the ends with the intermediate scissors method, this cut is especially recommended for those with thick hair. The thinned bob, which makes the hair lighter by reducing the load on the hair ends, has already been embraced by many names, especially Selena Gomez!

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60s Volume

60'lar Volümü

Have you ever wondered how your hair looks so voluminous while looking at old photos of our mothers and grandmothers?
The solution for those who wish their hair to look a little more lush and voluminous comes from the 60s! Heated rollers, one of the favorite beauty trends of the 1960s, are still quite assertive about giving volume to the hair. According to hair experts, the point to be considered here is to prepare the hair in advance with a mousse or a similar product so that the hair can easily adapt to the curler and take the desired shape.

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Even though we know how chaotic bangs can be, our love for them never changes!
Adding bangs to your existing haircut is one of the easiest ways to completely change your mood and update your look for the new year. Let us remind you that there are a few important notes that you should pay attention to after you have the bangs model that fits your face shape perfectly. Undoubtedly, the most important of these is to prevent your bangs from gaining an oily appearance. According to hair experts, your best friend in this regard is a dry shampoo that you throw in your bag just in case during the day!

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