Human skin is a very important cosmetic organ. It causes blackheads and pimples in the hair follicles or after the occlusion of the sebaceous glands. Especially during adolescence, the occlusion of the oil layer that keeps our skin moist with dead skin cells causes black or white spots. Acne skin careis an easy application.

Acne, which is seen in 85 percent of adolescents, can also be seen in the 30s and 40s. With the clogging of the pores on the skin, the reproduction of some bacteria causes the formation of acne and the proliferation of acne. Acne also occurs due to different situations.

Medicines, excess oil production of the skin, squeezing of inflamed pimples and dispersal of the inflammation, clogging of the pores of the dead skin layer due to the sun, the reproduction of excess oil by becoming infected over time, and smoking are the conditions that trigger acne formation. Changes in hormone levels such as puberty, pregnancy, birth control pills, stress and menstruation cause changes in the skin structure. In particular, the increase in the amount of oil produced as a result of the effect of hormones and the accumulation of cells in the openings of these oily pores cause acne.

Using intensive cosmetic products may increase acne formation in some cases due to its acne-causing potential. Acne can occur as a result of the side effects of some drugs. The skin structure is effective on the acne formation cycle. Acne skin care The first step is performed with cleansing. It is important for the skin to clean it with a gel-like cleanser suitable for the skin structure, especially in the morning and evening. When looking for solutions to acne and acne skin problems, choosing products and methods according to skin type and skin needs will yield positive results.

How To Do Skin Care With Acne?

Since acne-prone skin is more sensitive, it is necessary to avoid applications that are irritating and will completely remove the adipose tissue on your skin. Acne skin care must be done with products that will not disturb the PH balance of the skin. Preferring cleansers that are easily cleansed and gel-like on the skin will result in a cleaner skin.

Acne skin care when done in the light of the experience and knowledge of experts, it will reveal positive results. In particular, itching of acne-prone skin, trying to clean black spots, shaving with a razor, squeezing my pimples and popping them cause permanent scars on the skin. Observing the oil balance while cleaning acne-prone skin will result in a smoother and cleaner skin.

Dr. and without expert advice, creams and antibiotics should never be used with hearsay information.  Acne skin care must start with deep cleansing of the skin, removing excess oil, and applications should be made by considering the oil and PH balance of the skin. Oily skin is more prone to acne breakouts. Cleaner skin will emerge with skin care products that balance the skin with a quality gel. Wrongly chosen care products cause more acne formation and unwanted conditions.

Who Is Acne Skin Care Applied to?

People with acne-prone skin should first cut down on alcohol consumption. The PH value of the skin should be maintained with a cleansing gel suitable for the skin structure. The care and product choice of acne-prone skin should be done if you are an experienced esthetician or in line with the recommendations of a skin care specialist. It is important to clean acne-prone skin twice a day. It is true that everyone who has this problem, starting from adolescence, should have acne skin care under the supervision and control of experts.

After the acne skin care  performed by experts, regular care in line with expert recommendations will ensure that the results are permanent. It is an application that everyone can do with peace of mind, regardless of men or women.  acne skin care  is performed by an expert using moisturizing and care products and handheld devices.

How to Apply Acne Skin Care

Skin with acne causes the appearance of images that people do not want and disturb. After the skin analysis is performed under expert control and supervision, acne skin care is performed with appropriate treatment methods. It is made by using products that reduce oil production and reduce oil production with herbal ingredients.

Consuming at least 3 liters of water a day and staying away from make-up and similar applications during acne-prone periods will prevent acne formation. Tonic application after cleaning tightens the pores and protects them from bacteria.

Staying away from oily foods, not consuming high-calorie products and using protective creams against the harmful rays of the sun will play a preventive role in the formation of acne. In addition, by using laser beams, the heat energy of the laser will dry the acne and the oil balance of the skin will be released, stimulating the reparative cells in your skin, allowing for a smoother skin.

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