Cool kids bedroom ideas

Kids Room Decoration Ideas

When decorating a room for children with unlimited imagination, it is of course inevitable to consider their creativity. So much so that every parent needs children’s room decoration ideas that will help their children to continue their development at the age when they start to spend time on their own.

In order to meet these expectations, the products of the designers working with Furniture Diyarı have features that can meet the age and needs of the child. Contrary to what one might think, it is much easier to design the ideal children’s room with decorations that have both entertaining and educational elements, and useful furniture with lots of storage space, where safety is at the highest level.

The age and gender characteristics of the children, as well as the size of the room, are among the factors to be evaluated when designing a children’s room. So, when parents need a new room design for their children for various reasons, what elements should they consider so that their child can spend more productive time in the area? In the continuation of our article, we have included some tricks that can inspire you.

Choose the Right Color for the Kid’s Room

Color selection is perhaps the most important decision to consider when decorating a nursery. Assuming that colors are also important in human psychology, a tone is needed that can keep their energies high. Colors such as green, blue, powder pink and beige can be counted among the tones that can be preferred for children’s rooms. Although red or black colors are appealing to the eye, it is better to avoid these colors in children’s rooms. These tones, which have a sleep-inducing feature, should be avoided especially in school-age children’s rooms.

when it comes to matching colors, you may need a few twists and turns. For example; For a pink room, a good harmony can be achieved with colors such as yellow, turquoise, purple, lilac and green. Yellow and brick color can be used together, or a bright room can be designed with white, gray and green.

Don’t Keep Too Many Things in the Room

It is very important for children’s rooms to have a spacious appearance so that their mobility is not restricted. Although more than necessary accessories may seem decorative, it should not be forgotten that children need a space where they can move freely. It is extremely important in terms of usability that it is portable, light and small, instead of rough and space-consuming features.

In order to avoid confusion, attention should be paid to the fact that the furniture preferred especially in rooms where more than one child is together, has tidying properties. Thus, it will be possible to remove your child’s belongings and other toys from your eyes when they are not needed and to remove the clutter. When choosing this type of compact design furniture, care should be taken to ensure that it is suitable for the height of the child.

Lighting is Important in Children’s Room

The right decoration products should be preferred in order for the children’s room to be bright. Lighting products that reflect sunlight are always the right choice. Dim lighting is not recommended, especially for school-age children. First of all, when choosing a chandelier in decoration products, one should consider a product that will attract the attention of the child, and at the same time, it should be noted that it is a product that will help the light to illuminate the whole room equally.

Choosing the Right Material for Furniture

In order for children to be in a healthy environment, the products to be preferred should be made of natural materials that do not contain chemicals. The first thing to consider in furniture that is used heavily in the room, such as wardrobes, desks and bed bases, is that it does not contain chemical dyes.

Children’s Room Must Have a Storage Area

Children’s room decoration Creating storage space in the room can both prevent clutter and give the room a pleasant appearance. By placing decorative toy baskets and wooden boxes in certain parts of the room; You can make room for crayons, toys and other small items. The choice of box-spring mattresses that will serve this purpose will also be a very useful choice.

It’s Good To Have A Look At Smart Furniture

Children grow fast and the preferred furniture may not serve for use after a while. There are smart furniture designs for those who do not want to change their furniture in this process. Before you decide, you may want to take a look at the extendable bed products included in such designs.

Flexible Decoration Products Can Make Your Job Easier

Just as the physical growth rate of children in furniture selection, changes can occur in their ideas. For this reason, when choosing products that will contribute to home decoration, those that can be stretched can be preferred. For example, stickers are the most used decoration products when decorating the children’s room. It can be easily replaced with a new one to appeal to new tastes and ages when desired.

Instead of designing a children’s room, it is useful to consider these do-it-yourself decoration designs that will make your work easier. It is also possible to find different options for boys’ and girls’ rooms.

Don’t Make a Decision Without Asking the Child’s Opinion

Of course, it is important to evaluate the most functional options after doing research to decorate the nursery. However, more important than designing the room well is to make the choice together with your child. The child, who has the right to speak in the area where he/she will spend time, will feel himself/herself in his/her room. In addition, such an attitude for the development of self-confidence is a situation that parents should not skip. Even if you care about functionality, you can leave the choice of color to the child.

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