Easy air fryer recipes

  • French fries recipe in Airfryer

Airfryer'da Patates Kızartması Tarifi

Fries Recipe on Airfryer

If you love french fries but don’t want to use a lot of oil, you can prepare french fries that will be crispy in a short time thanks to a small amount of oil, lots of potatoes and airfryer.

Ready in 20 minutes: The recipe for french fries on Airfryer

  • Potato croquettes recipe on Airfryer

Airfryer'da Patates Kroket Tarifi

Potato Croquettes Recipe on Airfryer

Let’s get those who like to eat potatoes as croquettes, and let’s introduce you to the lightest and most delicious form of croquette.

No more deep frying: The recipe for potato croquettes on Airfryer

  • Onion ring recipe on Airfryer

Airfryer'da Soğan Halkası Tarifi

Onion Ring Recipe on Airfryer

Onion ring, which is unfortunately not very healthy because it is consumed by frying and absorbs a lot of oil, is now much lighter thanks to the airfryer!

No extra oil this time: The recipe for onion rings on Airfryer

  • Hamburger recipe on Airfryer

Airfryer'da Hamburger Tarifi

Hamburger Recipe on Airfryer

French fries, croquettes, onion rings, we came here to make burgers, one of the most popular fast foods. It is one of the most special proofs that there is no limit to what you can do in Airfryer.

Quick and ready in no time: The hamburger recipe on Airfryer

  • Spicy Crispy Cauliflower Recipe on Airfryer

Airfryer'da Acılı Çıtır Karnabahar Tarifi

Spicy Crispy Cauliflower Recipe at Airfryer

Let’s get the hot lovers right to this recipe and start by cooking the cauliflower crispy in the airfryer. It is a delicious and different recipe that will take you 10 minutes to prepare.

For those who want a practical and delicious vegetable dish, go here:  Hot Crispy Cauliflower Recipe on Airfryer

  • Crispy fries recipe with salsa sauce on Airfryer

Airfryer'da Salsa Soslu Çıtır Patates Tarifi

Crispy Potatoes with Salsa Sauce Recipe at Airfryer

Here’s a great recipe that you can make a lot and eat alone, or use it as a complement to meat, chicken or fish dishes!

Try the fries like this: The recipe for crispy fries with salsa sauce at Airfryer

  • Akçaabat meatball recipe on Airfryer

Airfryer'da Akçaabat Köfte Tarifi

Akçaabat Meatballs Recipe on Airfryer

Apart from home-made meatballs in which we use many ingredients and spices, from breadcrumbs to potatoes, aside from Akçaabat meatballs, which offer a perfect flavor with few ingredients! Come on, let’s host him in our kitchen today…

Let’s bring one of the most delicious dishes of the Black Sea cuisine to our table: Akçaabat meatballs recipe at Airfryer

  • Crispy Chicken Slices Recipe on Airfryer

Airfryer'da Çıtır Tavuk Dilimleri Tarifi

Crispy Chicken Slices Recipe on Airfryer

Let’s come to the chicken dishes you can make with the airfryer… Just like vegetables, you can easily make the chicken crispy in this way, and you can prepare crispy chicken slices using less oil and almost no odor.

It cooks by itself: The recipe for crispy chicken slices on Airfryer

  • Chicken Saute Recipe on Airfryer

Airfryer'da Sebzeli Tavuk Sote Tarifi

Chicken Saute Recipe with Vegetables on Airfryer

Now, we get support from the airfryer to prepare a chicken dish like our classic pot dishes, combine it with colorful vegetables and cook it like Turkish delight in a short time.

It’s that easy: Chicken sauté recipe with vegetables on Airfryer

  • Spicy chicken wings recipe on Airfryer

Airfryer'da Acılı Tavuk Kanatları Tarifi

Spicy Chicken Wings Recipe on Airfryer

If you prefer chicken wings when it comes to chicken meat, we have a delicious suggestion that will make you forget about the chicken wings you cooked on the barbecue!

This is much tastier: Spicy chicken wings recipe on Airfryer

  • Chicken Wings Recipe with Sauce on Airfryer

Airfryer'da Soslu Tavuk Kanadı Tarifi

Chicken Wings Recipe with Sauce on Airfryer

We are now preparing a special marination sauce with yoghurt and tomato paste for chicken wing lovers, we first soak the chickens in this sauce and then send them to the airfryer for a delicious chutney.

The end of this journey is guaranteed to be delicious: The recipe for chicken wings with sauce at Airfryer

  • Fajita recipe on Airfryer

Airfryer'da Fajita Tarifi

Fajita Recipe on Airfryer

At the Airfryer, you can prepare delicious meat dishes as well as chicken dishes. For example, you can prepare fajita, which comes from Mexican cuisine and spreads to the whole area where it has smell and oil sounds, with much less oil and almost odorless.

Just follow these steps: Fajita recipe on Airfryer

  • Recipe of tenderloin pieces with mushrooms on Airfryer

Airfryer'da Mantarlı Bonfile Parçaları Tarifi

Mushroom Tenderloin Pieces Recipe on Airfryer

If you want to cook tenderloin at home, but you think “I can’t achieve the consistency I want when I cook meat,” you can overcome this problem thanks to the airfryer.

Hot and hot on the table in just 22 minutes: Airfryer’s recipe for tenderloin pieces with mushrooms

  • Lemon Sea Bass Recipe on Airfryer

Airfryer'da Limonlu Levrek Tarifi

Lemon Sea Bass Recipe on Airfryer

We cook our vegetables, meat and chicken in the Airfryer, but is the fish missing? You can cook many sea products, especially fish, healthily in the airfryer and add plenty of omega 3 and flavor to your table.

A total of 4 ingredients are enough: Lemon sea bass recipe at Airfryer

  • Crispy anchovy recipe on Airfryer

Airfryer'da Çıtır Hamsi Tarifi

Crispy Anchovy Recipe on Airfryer

If you are one of those who prefer small fish, especially if you can never say no to anchovies, let’s get you right to this recipe right away. This time, we do not use a lot of oil to make the anchovies crispy, and we do not cause the whole house to smell fishy.

Mis: Crispy anchovy recipe on Airfryer

  • Fish finger recipe on Airfryer

Airfryer'da Fish Finger (Balık Çubukları) Tarifi

Fish Finger (Fish Sticks) Recipe on Airfryer

If you like fish with a crispy coating or you can only consume it this way, you can make crispy fish fingers that will be delicious even when you buy them ready-made. Don’t think “it will be too hard”, with the airfryer it will be much easier than you think.

With 6 ingredients, ready in 20 minutes: Fish finger (Fish sticks) recipe on Airfryer

  • Crispy calamari recipe on Airfryer

Airfryer'da Çıtır Kalamar Tarifi

Crispy Squid Recipe on Airfryer

As we said above, you can cook not only fish but also delicious seafood in the airfryer. It will be crispy again, you can still catch that crispy taste you love.

All you have to do is take 10 minutes: Crispy calamari recipe on Airfryer

  • Cheese unleavened pastry recipe at Airfryer

Airfryer'da Peynirli Mayasız Poğaça Tarifi

Cheese Unleavened Pastry Recipe at Airfryer

We’re moving on to delicious pastries that you might not believe you can make using an Airfryer! For example, you can make puff pastries that will be puffy and soft, and you won’t even use yeast in the dough.

“How will he be?” Those who say go here: The recipe for unleavened pastry with cheese on Airfryer

  • Potato Cheese Pie Pie Recipe on Airfryer

Airfryer'da Patatesli Kaşarlı Kalem Börek Tarifi

Potato Cheddar Pencil Pie Recipe on Airfryer

Do you think we can make donuts and tarts using an Airfryer but we can’t make pies? Roll up your sleeves, prepare the materials, and we’ll get it done together in 15 minutes.

Tea will be ready until it’s brewed: The recipe for potato and cheddar pencil pie at Airfryer

  • Puff pastry bagel recipe on Airfryer

Airfryer'da Milföy Simit Tarifi

Puff Pastry Bagel Recipe on Airfryer

If you want to eat crunchy bagels all of a sudden, if you live abroad and can’t find simit easily, or if you want to prepare bagels with lots of sesame seeds to accompany your tea at home, it’s a good idea to save this recipe right now and try it at the first opportunity.

Because we’re sure you’ll love it: The recipe for puff pastry bagels on Airfryer

  • Chocolate croissant recipe from puff pastry on Airfryer

Airfryer'da Milföyden Çikolatalı Kruvasan Tarifi

Chocolate Croissant Recipe from Puff Pastry on Airfryer

You can prepare many pastries not only salty but also sweet, and consider the airfryer as the biggest supporter of your sweet cravings.

As long as you want to use it, the recipe is many: Chocolate croissant recipe from puff pastry at Airfryer

  • Giant pancake recipe on Airfryer

Airfryer'da Dev Pancake Tarifi

Giant Pancake Recipe on Airfryer

Now we start by preparing a pancake dough that will be fluffy. In this recipe, most of the work is in the airfryer! Of course, you can color it with your favorite fruits.

You can also get support from honey: Giant pancake recipe on Airfryer

  • Chocolate banana muffin recipe on Airfryer

Airfryer'da Muzlu Çikolatalı Muffin Tarifi

Banana Chocolate Muffin Recipe on Airfryer

One of the coolest, fluffiest flavors you can make at Airfryer is right in front of you! This muffin not only rises as it rises, but also fascinates with its banana and chocolate flavor.

Tea goes well with coffee: The recipe for banana chocolate muffins at Airfryer

  • Apple Carrot Cake Recipe on Airfryer

Airfryer'da Elmalı Havuçlu Kek Tarifi

Apple Carrot Cake Recipe on Airfryer

It will give you full credit for the airfryer you bought, “Is this okay too, dear?” We did not want to finish our list without preparing a cake that will surprise even those who say it with its taste, we have brought together apples and carrots, which are the names that suit the cake the most, in this recipe. The airfryer took care of the rest for us.

Here is such an appetizing cake: Apple carrot cake recipe on Airfryer

  • Chestnut kebab recipe on Airfryer

Airfryer'da Kestane Kebap Tarifi

Chestnut Kebab Recipe on Airfryer

When the chestnut season comes, we are making a delicious snack that will perhaps use your airfryer for him the most, reminding you of those chestnuts you ate in your childhood and cooked on the stove. Don’t forget to save this recipe now and evaluate it the moment you buy chestnuts.

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