How to Make a Warm Knitted Blanket, a Must Have in Winter?

The taste of being at home is completely different with a handmade knitted blanket! Now is the time to show your skills with 5 different model options we have prepared for you! Knitted blanket models, which are among the indispensables of every home with their timeless appearance; It creates concepts that will warm you up in the bedroom, living room and reading corner. How about attaching a knitted blanket that reflects your taste to the edge of your sofa? Roll up your sleeves now to make nostalgic, friendly and decorative knitted blankets. You can make your own blanket in an easy and practical way with three different model options that we have compiled for you.

1. Rainbow Themed Baby Blanket

Kışın Olmazsa Olmazı Sıcacık Örgü Battaniye Nasıl Yapılır

The materials you need for this colorful model are 4,5 size crochet and a few different colors of baby wool. Once you have decided on the width of your blanket, start by pulling the chain. After pulling 3 chains, make three double handrails in the same loop. After three stitches, prick a frequent needle and pull out three stitches. Continue the existing loop in the form of three double handrails. When you come to the second row, pull three loops and repeat the process in the first row by making three double crochets in the same loop. If you use different colors in each row, the model of your blanket will look much more distinctive and stylish.

2. Double Knitted Blanket

Kışın Olmazsa Olmazı Sıcacık Örgü Battaniye Nasıl Yapılır

To bring this eye-catching model to life; you’ll need skewers, leftover wool from your old knits, and an inductive method. First, prepare square motifs with the harosha technique. After you reach the number suitable for the size of the blanket you want, stitch the pieces together with a black thread in a diagonal way. If you wish, you can use a satin fabric under your knitted blanket, which will create a perfect color harmony in your bedroom. It is possible to evaluate the functional design you have achieved as both a blanket and a decorative bedspread. So two birds with one stone!

3. Soft Knee Blanket

Kışın Olmazsa Olmazı Sıcacık Örgü Battaniye Nasıl Yapılır

If you are a crochet lover, you can design a fluffy knee blanket with the pistachio knitting technique. First, draw chains in line with the dimensions of the blanket you want to make, then dip the chains 3-4 times and create peanut shapes. You can create a square-shaped pattern by collecting the motifs you have made on the right or left side, or you can choose a one-sided model. And here’s your gorgeous knitted blanket model complete! Grab your coffee when your favorite TV show starts, pull your blanket to your knees and enjoy the warm ambiance at home.

4. Stylish Multi-Purpose Blanket

Kışın Olmazsa Olmazı Sıcacık Örgü Battaniye Nasıl Yapılır

Use the zigzag knitting technique for a multi-purpose blanket that you can use as a cover over your sofa beds and armchairs. You can easily reach this example, which is one of the simplest models you can produce with crochet, by making double handrails with different threads in each row. The crochet knit blanket, which makes your work much easier with its solid progression, will conquer your heart with its effortless construction and elegant appearance!

5. Baby Blanket With Daisies

Kışın Olmazsa Olmazı Sıcacık Örgü Battaniye Nasıl Yapılır

Here’s a great blanket idea to spice up your baby’s room! First thing, get balls in harmonious tones like white and blue. Then create square motifs with crochet. The combination of knit squares will form the backdrop of your blanket. After the first step, you can proceed to preparing the daisy motifs. Knit the middle parts first, then the leaves. It’s time to sprinkle the daisies on the blanket. Complete the model with a daisy in each square and your cute baby blanket is ready to use!

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